LEAP Outside
with outdoor learning & play!

LEAP stands for Learning Enriched by Adventurous Play and is designed for children to engage in nature-based outdoor learning and child-led play.  LEAP is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community, where all families feel welcome and all are invited to grow confident, curious, and creative children with us in our Forest School. 


LEAP offers three classes: Tadpoles (one-hour class for ages 0-5 with caregivers), Froglets (two-hour class for ages 1-5 with caregivers), and Froggies (drop-off program for ages 3-6).  Each class offers activities that are developmentally appropriate and evidence-based.  Classes include: crafts, songs, free exploration, scavenger hunts, yoga, activity stations, obstacle courses, books and more! 

LEAP is committed to building a community in nature, wherever it is found!  In that light, we host LEAP nature classes in a variety of locations in the Louisville, Kentucky area and provide activities that can be replicated in a backyard environment at home as well.  We organize clean-up days at local nature preserves, as well as playgroup outings to socialize outside of class in nature. Participants are also invited to join our LEAP Community Facebook Group to find more evidence-based research about the benefits of outdoor play in nature, as well as engage in discussions with their instructors and other parents from class.  

Join us outside to explore, create, and grow in nature!



The Tadpole Class is a one-hour outdoor nature class designed for children ages 0-5 to attend with a caregiver. Non-participating younger siblings are welcome to attend at no charge.   Expect nature-inspired lessons, including crafts and activities such as scavenger hunts, songs, yoga, storytime, movement, and more!

Currently classes are held in Louisville at Blackacre Conservancy and E. P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park, and in Crestwood at Maples Park.



The Froglets Class is a two-hour outdoor nature class designed for children ages 1-5 to attend with their caregivers. Non-participating younger siblings are welcome to attend at no charge. Expect similar activities to Tadpoles, but with more time for child-led exploration and activity extensions such as gardening or guided hikes. 

Currently the Froglets Class meets at Blackacre Conservancy in Louisville, KY.


Froggie Explorers

The Froggies Class is based on the Forest School model of child-led exploratory play in nature.  This is a drop-off class is geared toward children ages 3-5, who enjoy playing outside in all weather and can listen and follow directions. Current classes are 2 hours long and held at Blackacre Conservancy. Expect child-led, nature-based exploratory play, with time for songs, stories, crafts, snack, and more play!

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