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LEAP Outside
with outdoor learning & play!

LEAP stands for Learning Enriched by Adventurous Play and is designed for children to engage in nature-based outdoor learning and child-led play.  LEAP is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community, where all families feel welcome and all are invited to grow confident, curious, and creative children with us in our Forest School. 


Each class offers nature-inspired activities that are developmentally appropriate and evidence-based.  Classes may include: crafts, songs, free exploration, scavenger hunts, yoga, activity stations, obstacle courses, storytime, and more! 

LEAP is committed to building a community in nature, wherever it is found.  In that light, we host LEAP nature classes in a variety of locations in the Kentucky area and provide activities that can be replicated in a backyard environment at home as well.  We organize clean-up days at local nature preserves, as well as playgroup outings to socialize outside of class in nature.  

Want to start a LEAP Outside in your community? Contact Us!

Join us outside to explore, create, and grow in nature!


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There is something magical about seeing a child grow within their natural environment, the
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