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LEAP Outside started when Evie and Lindsay struck up a conversation while watching their kids playing at a park. They arranged to go hiking with their kids, and through their conversation, learned they both had a passion for education (both were former teachers) and nature! 
Evie trained with the Forest School Teacher Institute (FSTI) to become a certified Forest School Teacher and Director, and together, Evie and Lindsay hatched the plan for LEAP Outside and were delighted to see their program grow and exceed their dreams, with over 500 bookings in the first two years! 
When Lindsay moved away, Evie continued running the Louisville-based program, and transitioned from leading classes to helping others to start their own programs through consulting and training, offering an online course and curriculum package, with lesson plans for every week of the year!  Our goal is simple: to get more kids and families connected outside, in nature and with nature.

Please CLICK HERE to purchase our online course, which was designed to help others start their own outdoor program in their communities! 

The Forest School philosophy of child-led, nature-based exploratory play has been in practice in Europe for over 150 years, and has since spread around the world.  Studies show that experiential play outdoors enhances children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, and nurturing a bond with nature leads into a desire to care for the environment as the child grows.  Research confirms that learning, in its most basic and most advanced states, is enhanced by adventurous play, where risks are assessed, confidence is born, strength is built, and empathy is developed.  We invite your family to join ours, and LEAP outside!

LEAP Outside’s mission is to foster a relationship between children, families, and nature; nurture children’s physical, social, and cognitive development through outdoor play in nature and nature-based activities; and build and support an inclusive and sustainable community.


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