LEAP stands for Learning Enriched by Adventurous Play and is designed for children to engage in nature-based outdoor play.  LEAP is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community, where all families feel welcome and all are invited to grow confident, curious, and creative children with us in our Forest School.
LEAP offers three classes: Tadpoles (one-hour class for ages 0-5 with caregivers), Froglets (two-hour class for ages 1-5 with caregivers), and Froggies (drop-off program for ages 3-6).  Each class offers activities that are developmentally appropriate and evidence-based.  
Caregivers (i.e. a parent, grandparent, nanny, or other adult who is designated by the parent as responsible for the child during this class) are provided with the “why” behind each activity choice as well as ways to further extend their child’s learning at home.  Participants are also given access to a LEAP Community Facebook Group where they can find more evidence-based research about the benefits of outdoor play in nature, as well as be in contact with their instructors and other parents from class.  
LEAP is committed to building a community that encourages parents and children to lovingly engage with nature, wherever it is found!  In that light, we host LEAP classes in a variety of locations and provide activities that can be replicated in a backyard environment at home as well.  We also offer volunteer opportunities for families to attend together to help protect our natural environment.
Learning: In our classes, learning includes cognitive and processing skills combined with social, emotional, and physical development.
Enriched: The learning in our classroom is enriched by use of descriptive language, real-world connections, empathy, teamwork, strength, coordination, and balance.  
Adventurous: Our classes will allow for risk-assessing, risk-taking, tree-climbing, dirt-digging, mountain-climbing, trail-hiking, water-splashing, and bug-catching.
Play: We encourage all types of play, including imaginative, creative, child-led, exploratory, sensory, rough, dramatic, social, and free.