The CDC and the Department of Public Health in Kentucky have designated wearing a mask, being outdoors, and socially distancing as methods to deter the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 
In our classes, we are outdoors at all times. 


The CDC has now updated COVID-19 precautions, allowing vaccinated adults to not be masked when outdoors.  Teachers will still wear a mask when unable to socially distance from your child.

If a child or adult is feeling sick or running a fever, they are asked to not attend class that week.  If a child or adult has a possible exposure to COVID-19, they are asked to not attend class that week. 
We believe taking these precautions will help keep us safe and healthy.  If we are made aware of a COVID-19 case in our class, we will notify all participants and cancel class as needed (canceled classes will be made up at a later date).

Thank you for helping us keep our classes safe for everyone to enjoy!