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Our Team


Lindsay Velasquez


Lindsay has a deep love for family, friends, nature, learning, community, travel, and all things health and wellness. She earned her BA in Business Management from CCU and later her Masters in Elementary Education from WGU. She spent ten years teaching in different childhood educational settings - public school, private school, internationally, homeschool, recreational.
With the birth of her first son, Julian, she decided to stay home and focus on being a mom. As a stay at home mom, her love of learning led her to further her education and become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a Yoga Instructor. She loves to be involved in the community and takes part in local mom groups, started a neighborhood book club, and teaches a yoga class here and there.
Lindsay spends her days playing with her children (Julian 4, Luca 2), planning trips and fun adventures, homeschooling her boys, exercising, drinking tea, going for walks with her husband, listening to books, spending quality time with family and friends, and snuggling with her black lab, Luna.


Evelyn Wilkinson


A nature-lover and avid hiker, Evie feels most at peace when being outside in nature.  Whether it's picnicing or backpacking, in Kentucky or while traveling, being in a natural environment calms her soul.  Combining her desire to work with children in education with her love of nature culminated in LEAP Outside's program. 


Evie has a Masters in Teaching and years of classroom experience, but during the Pandemic, Evie decided to stay home with her toddler son and began to research the Forest School philosophy.  The evidence-based research from the long established Forest School model matched her intuitive parenting style of child-led, exploratory play in nature, and so she reached out to the local Forest Preschools to get involved.  She then furthered her education and training by becoming a Certified Forest School Teacher and Director through the Forest School Teacher Institute. 


As a parent and a teacher, Evie has seen how child-led play in nature enhances a child’s physical, motor, social, emotional, and cognitive development.  Her dream for LEAP Outside is to create a supportive and inclusive space for families to connect in nature.  When children develop a relationship with their environment, they want to help protect it, and in the process grow curious, confident, and creative, which leads to a brighter future for all!


When not teaching, you will find Evie spending time with her husband, Colin, son, Ford, and pet pig, Charlie Brown.